Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Daily Deal Feature!

I'm really excited about the new site.  Although I still have hundreds of products to add it is coming around.  One of my favorite features is the new Deal of the Day option.  Each day a new deal will be available.  You can save anywhere from 10 to 60% off a product.  Happy shopping!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Journey Back Home

When I began the Flat Diaper and Hand Washing Challenge I never could have imagined the path it would lead me on.  It became an emotional journey back home.  Not the literal home, but the figurative home.  The place you go to feel safe, the place you go to be happy, the place you can be yourself, the place that feels like home.  Like Grandma's house, snuggling in her lap for stories, learning how to be a homemaker and for me learning how to care for cloth diapers.

Jungle Love

My cloth journey began four years ago.  I can recall showing my GG the new modern cloth diaper I had bought for my son. I new she would be happy that I had begun my cloth diapering journey.  Just a few months before she had encouraged me to use cloth. I of course had brushed it off as difficult, envisioning old fashioned flat diapers and pins. She taught me about dunking and line drying. I did dunk for well over a year before I finally got a diaper sprayer. Line drying just seemed difficult and as much as I love my memories of GG I also had memories of stiff clothes as a child that never smelled fresh, but of dog. So for me line drying wasn't an option. Funny now I am enjoying those very diapers GG once used and seeing stains fade in the morning sun. There is something to be said for the classics. They are after all classics for a reason, they work. They work for the hurried, the poor, the stay at home mom and the wealthy. They work for night, they work for play, they work for exotic travels and roughing it at campsites. They work for the newborn and the toddler, the wiggler and the patient baby. Mostly for me they work because they are a bridge to my past. They helped me finally grieve for my GG when I had been too busy with new babies and too stressed with unemployment to allow myself to say goodbye. They have brought GG back to our lives. Silly I know, but I feel she is with me while I diaper, wash and hang out the laundry. Her hand guides me as I fold the flat diaper to fit Sophia and then fold it even smaller to fit Adalyn. She steadies my hand as I finally try a diaper pin.

Sophia in a Swaddlebees with diaper pin

I feel blessed to have experienced a different life. A life many live everyday without modern conveniences like a washer and dryer. It has always been my goal as a Real Diaper Association Leader in Training to work with low income families. To help educate others that cloth diapering is possible even without a washer and dryer. I knew it was possible with little money. Diapers like the Econobum system allow you to diaper full time for less than $100! Most spend that in the first month or two of a child's life when using disposables. I must admit though I admired those that lugged their diapers to a laundry mat. I felt I would have given up if that were my life. This challenge has taught me that I can wash at home. I only need a sink, or bath tub or a fancy camp style washer. I still admire that mama I saw on You Tube hand washing her diapers. It is a chore, but like any other of our motherly chores, it gets done. A mother's day is long and washing diapers by hand does add to it, but really it isn't that much more time consuming. I even dare to say I spend less time caring for my diapers now that I don't have inserts to sort and stuff.

Sunning on the garden fence

Cloth diapering isn't a passing for me during my children's diaper age, it is a passion. It is personal. I watched a child suffer from disposable diapers. I was a helpless guilt ridden mom. My goal as a Circle Leader is to educate parents that they have options. While I knew a little of flats, I really could not help a parent looking for more information on the diaper other than to say they are good for traveling. Now though I can speak from experience that flats are a workable diaper even in this time of modern cloth diapers and hybrid systems. I can appreciate the difficulties of diapering even in inconvenient times.  I already could understand some of the struggles low income families experience as I am one, but I am not the average. I have many conveniences in life and a fancy washer and dryer is one. I have fancy diapers for my children, a diaper sprayer and flushable liners. I never had to find items to use for diapering, like old shirts or towels. I am able to think out of the box now.

Wahsing diapers in tub with Rockin' Green

Boiling unbleached flats to remove natural oils

Even if you were unable to participate or thought those that did were crazy I encourage you to find your own challenge. It could be something as simple as switching from a hybrid system to full cloth or taking the lunge and using that pin. Perhaps you have a young woman's shelter in your town or live near a disaster area and can collect "found" diapers and teach a class on flats. You may just find like me this challenge can lead you right where you need to be, home.

Rita Jo Lathrop aka GG

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fail Blog

Today was just bad all around.  For starters Sophia woke up at 6ish needing a diaper change and the diapers were still soaking wet.  I had no choice but to put her in a "fancy" diaper.  When we woke up for the day around 9 the diapers were still soaking wet.  Thankfully Adalyn slept late because I broke down and threw them in the dryer (Sophie was fine naked and even pooped in the potty!).  Even with that it took a full 50 minutes to dry them.  When I said they were soaking wet I wasn't lying!  Lesson learned I can not wash diapers really late at night and expect them to be ready in the morning. 

But there is good news....

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman                                           
Wait, wait mister postman
Mister postman look and see
If there's a package in your bag for me
I been waiting such a long time
Since I heard the flat challenge is on
There must be some word today
From Swaddlebees so far away
Please mister postman look and see
If there's a package, a package for me
I been standing here waiting mister postman
So patiently
For just a cover or a flat diaper
Practicin' the oragami, kite to pad
Please Mr. Postman, look and see
If there's a package, oh yeh for me,
I've been waiting, a long long time
Since I've heard the flat challenge is on
So many days you passed me by
See the tear standing in my eye
You didn't stop to make me feel better
By delivering diapers or those covers
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta check it and see, one more time for me
Deliver the diapers, the sooner the better

*lyrics to Mr. Postman with a diaper twist

somewhere in this box of Swaddlebees, Blueberry and WeeHugger goodness are flat diapers!

I'm loving these cute prints!

So my next adventure in this challenge will be boiling diapers to remove the natural oils.  I've never done this before and not sure how long to boil and what I should be looking for.  Is there a tell tall sign that they are ready?
boiling my Swaddlebees unbleached flat diapers

If there is then I FAILED!  Sophia was leaking so bad today in these flats.  I know it was from a lack of priming.  These diapers feel thick and very absorbent.  I'm hoping after tonight's washing they will work better.  I plan on making these my diaper bag diapers.  Have I mentioned yet how much I like flats for the diaper bag?  It is so lite now. 


My issues today all boiled down to yesterdays late night of washing and use of all my flats and covers.  All I really needed to avoid my fail of using 1 "fancy" diaper and the dryer would have been 2 or 3 more flats, which I now have (thanks to the postman!).  I might have been able to find something to diaper with, but we are half packed up with the move this weekend so cheating it was. 

I never tried the kite fold.  Well, that isn't entirely true.  I attempted it this morning, but couldn't find a Snappi and the pins were still in the car.  I was too lazy to get dressed to go get them.  I now have them and will be using them tomorrow with my cool new fold.  And I promise no more cheating!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where Oh Where Is The UPS Man?

Well, I made it threw day one without any issues.  Honestly, it was cake I could actually see myself hand washing more.  I know you must think I'm crazy (and in a few days I most likely will agree), but it really wasn't time consuming.  Most of my flats dried over night.  The few that didn't I just laid over a chair outside.  I decided today to try a new fold, the origami.  I did the fold the first day, but decided I wanted to stick to the pad fold.  I really liked the way the fold worked with my receiving blanket, but not as much with the Imse Vimse.  I think it would have worked better with pins.  I bought some for this challenge, but left them in my car and couldn't find my keys.  So Snappi it was (honestly I'm a little glad because pins scare me). 

Jungle Love
Adalyn in a receiving blanket and Sophia in an Imse Vimse flat

secured with a Snappi fastener


I don't have enough diapers!  I ran out of diapers today.  Thankfully we made it until bedtime, but if someone needs a diaper change tonight they are going to have to use a burp cloth.  Tristan did wet his night time diaper with the flat so he is in a regular night time diaper.  Now that I think of it he might have done that on purpose because he had a pink receiving blanket stuffed in his pull up and was not happy about that.  He kept saying he didn't want a girl diaper.  My only other issue was running out of covers.  I know I technically have enough, but Adalyn only has 3 that fit her and Sophia only has two that will stay secured.  All the others are hand-me-downs from Tristan and the Velcro barely stays put.  I had to use a Snappi to keep the cover in place at one point!  I think I will prefer to use diaper pins with the flats.  I didn't like the way Sophia's diaper closed.  It never felt tight enough.  I'm scared, but tomorrow's challenge will be pins and the kite fold.

What I Liked

I was VERY pleased with the Hemp Babies Flat Weed diaper.  Sophia is a heavy wetter.  I usually only can put her in a Berry Plush hemp or Blueberry Bamboo overnight.  She was completely dry this morning!  I also really like how trim the flat diapers are.  We went out today and my diaper bag felt and looked empty, but I had four or five diapers in it. 

This experience is really making me think of my Grandma.  She wanted me to use cloth diapers before I decided to.  I know she would be proud of me for diapering my three children as she diapered her three.  It is so easy to forget our loved ones that aren't with us anymore as we go about our busy lives.  This has been a nice way to feel a bond with her again.  Silly as it sounds I feel like my GG is here with me again.  If only washing dirty diapers really could bring her back. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kickin' It Old School

This challenge is taking me back to when I first began using cloth diapers.  I didn't choose cloth because of the environment or money, but because my son had terrible rash issues.  I still remember the first diaper I bought, a FuzziBunz train print size medium pocket diaper.  I took a trip to visit my grandparents that same weekend.  My grandma, Rita had cloth diapered her three children and taught me a few things about using cloth not directly, but indirectly that weekend.  It took me back to when I dunked my diapers, washed everything before I washed everything so my diapers would be bright white and had few diapers to choose from. 

my day

I prepped my diapers last night before I went to bed.  I was shocked at how much the Gerber flats shrunk.  Before washing they were smaller than my already prepped Imse Vimse and after, well I don't think I could use any fold other than the pad fold for Sophia (my 22 month old).  I was really worried I wouldn't make it through the day with the flats I had, however my little one wasn't wanting to eat so she used less diapers and Sophia is beginning to potty train. 

After a diaper change I rinsed the diapers in the sink and hung them in the shower.  I plan on only washing once a day after the kids go to bed.  I actually like this method.  It sure is better then a stinky diaper pail in the bathroom.  What I don't like about it is I have to use a Clorox wipe to sanitize my sink.  What my husband likes about it is I don't leave dirty diapers lying around.  Shhh don't tell anyone I'm not always perfect at getting my diaper in the pail right away. 

Tub soaking in 1 Tbls Rockin' Green

"line drying"

Hopefully these will be dry in the morning or we are in trouble!


My oldest daughter has a new habit.  She likes to poop at nap time and stick her hand in her diaper....  I forgot for a minute I couldn't use my diaper sprayer.  I turned the valve on and almost sprayed when I remembered so I dunked and began hand washing the diaper.  It went easier then I thought, perhaps because this is the method I used when I first began cloth diapering.  My only other hang up was when I forgot how to do the origami fold.  I was trying to fold my already tiny Gerber flat and could not figure it out.  I pulled out my Imse Vimse (the flat I learned this on) and did it with no problem.  The shape of the Gerber is slightly different then the IV so it threw me off. 

Preparing for the Flat Diaper and Hand Washing Seven Day Challenge

I forget now how I learned about the flat diaper and hand washing challenge.  I knew as soon as I read it I was going to participate.  I had used flats a few times before, but never really liked them.  They just didn't seem to work well enough for me and I preferred my "fancy" pocket diapers.  The rules seemed fairly easy, only use flat diapers, no more than 5 covers per child and you must hand wash them.  Oddly enough it seems I have been preparing for this challenge without even knowing it.  I have been watching several videos on hand washing diapers lately, how to do different flat folds, I ordered a lot of flats for the store and I decided I was going to incorporate a few into my stash.  The problem was those flats I ordered were not here yet and others were back ordered.  So it looks like a trip to Target will be in my future.  I only had two flat diapers in my stash, a flat weeds hemp flat and an Imse Vimse flat in a jungle print.  I had a few receiving blankets I planned on incorporating too.  From Target I purchased a dozen Gerber flat diapers.  The problem with this challenge; I am moving this week.  Not only will I be busy preparing for my move, but now I will be hand washing diapers for a 10 week old, 22 month old and a 4 year old who wears a cloth pull up at night. 

my flat diaper stash (so far)

  • 1 Imse Vimse Flat
  • 1 Hemp Babies Flat Weed
  • 12 Gerber Birdseye Flats
  • 4 receiving blankets
  • 1 Flip cover
  • 1 Thirsties cover
  • 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap
  • 1 Imse Vimse Velour cover
  • 1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
  • 1 Bummis Super Brite
  • 1 Happy Heiny Trainer (stuffed with a flat)
  • 2 Snappi fasteners
  • 6 diaper pins
  • Rockin' Green Remix in Hard Water formula

I do confess that I only plan on washing my covers and flats by hand, my wipes will go into my pail with my pre-challenge diapers to be washed in the machine.  I just think it will be too much poop for me and I feel better about the wipes getting sanitized.  I am not using my diaper sprayer nor will I be using any flushable liners. 

I'm really excited to see how this week goes.  I have some very heavy night time wetters so I am nervous about that.  I think the experience will help me to better serve my customers and become a better cloth diaper circle leader (I am in training with the Real Diaper Association now).  Fingers crossed all goes well!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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June Giveaway

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