Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where Oh Where Is The UPS Man?

Well, I made it threw day one without any issues.  Honestly, it was cake I could actually see myself hand washing more.  I know you must think I'm crazy (and in a few days I most likely will agree), but it really wasn't time consuming.  Most of my flats dried over night.  The few that didn't I just laid over a chair outside.  I decided today to try a new fold, the origami.  I did the fold the first day, but decided I wanted to stick to the pad fold.  I really liked the way the fold worked with my receiving blanket, but not as much with the Imse Vimse.  I think it would have worked better with pins.  I bought some for this challenge, but left them in my car and couldn't find my keys.  So Snappi it was (honestly I'm a little glad because pins scare me). 

Jungle Love
Adalyn in a receiving blanket and Sophia in an Imse Vimse flat

secured with a Snappi fastener


I don't have enough diapers!  I ran out of diapers today.  Thankfully we made it until bedtime, but if someone needs a diaper change tonight they are going to have to use a burp cloth.  Tristan did wet his night time diaper with the flat so he is in a regular night time diaper.  Now that I think of it he might have done that on purpose because he had a pink receiving blanket stuffed in his pull up and was not happy about that.  He kept saying he didn't want a girl diaper.  My only other issue was running out of covers.  I know I technically have enough, but Adalyn only has 3 that fit her and Sophia only has two that will stay secured.  All the others are hand-me-downs from Tristan and the Velcro barely stays put.  I had to use a Snappi to keep the cover in place at one point!  I think I will prefer to use diaper pins with the flats.  I didn't like the way Sophia's diaper closed.  It never felt tight enough.  I'm scared, but tomorrow's challenge will be pins and the kite fold.

What I Liked

I was VERY pleased with the Hemp Babies Flat Weed diaper.  Sophia is a heavy wetter.  I usually only can put her in a Berry Plush hemp or Blueberry Bamboo overnight.  She was completely dry this morning!  I also really like how trim the flat diapers are.  We went out today and my diaper bag felt and looked empty, but I had four or five diapers in it. 

This experience is really making me think of my Grandma.  She wanted me to use cloth diapers before I decided to.  I know she would be proud of me for diapering my three children as she diapered her three.  It is so easy to forget our loved ones that aren't with us anymore as we go about our busy lives.  This has been a nice way to feel a bond with her again.  Silly as it sounds I feel like my GG is here with me again.  If only washing dirty diapers really could bring her back. 

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