Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kickin' It Old School

This challenge is taking me back to when I first began using cloth diapers.  I didn't choose cloth because of the environment or money, but because my son had terrible rash issues.  I still remember the first diaper I bought, a FuzziBunz train print size medium pocket diaper.  I took a trip to visit my grandparents that same weekend.  My grandma, Rita had cloth diapered her three children and taught me a few things about using cloth not directly, but indirectly that weekend.  It took me back to when I dunked my diapers, washed everything before I washed everything so my diapers would be bright white and had few diapers to choose from. 

my day

I prepped my diapers last night before I went to bed.  I was shocked at how much the Gerber flats shrunk.  Before washing they were smaller than my already prepped Imse Vimse and after, well I don't think I could use any fold other than the pad fold for Sophia (my 22 month old).  I was really worried I wouldn't make it through the day with the flats I had, however my little one wasn't wanting to eat so she used less diapers and Sophia is beginning to potty train. 

After a diaper change I rinsed the diapers in the sink and hung them in the shower.  I plan on only washing once a day after the kids go to bed.  I actually like this method.  It sure is better then a stinky diaper pail in the bathroom.  What I don't like about it is I have to use a Clorox wipe to sanitize my sink.  What my husband likes about it is I don't leave dirty diapers lying around.  Shhh don't tell anyone I'm not always perfect at getting my diaper in the pail right away. 

Tub soaking in 1 Tbls Rockin' Green

"line drying"

Hopefully these will be dry in the morning or we are in trouble!


My oldest daughter has a new habit.  She likes to poop at nap time and stick her hand in her diaper....  I forgot for a minute I couldn't use my diaper sprayer.  I turned the valve on and almost sprayed when I remembered so I dunked and began hand washing the diaper.  It went easier then I thought, perhaps because this is the method I used when I first began cloth diapering.  My only other hang up was when I forgot how to do the origami fold.  I was trying to fold my already tiny Gerber flat and could not figure it out.  I pulled out my Imse Vimse (the flat I learned this on) and did it with no problem.  The shape of the Gerber is slightly different then the IV so it threw me off. 

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