Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preparing for the Flat Diaper and Hand Washing Seven Day Challenge

I forget now how I learned about the flat diaper and hand washing challenge.  I knew as soon as I read it I was going to participate.  I had used flats a few times before, but never really liked them.  They just didn't seem to work well enough for me and I preferred my "fancy" pocket diapers.  The rules seemed fairly easy, only use flat diapers, no more than 5 covers per child and you must hand wash them.  Oddly enough it seems I have been preparing for this challenge without even knowing it.  I have been watching several videos on hand washing diapers lately, how to do different flat folds, I ordered a lot of flats for the store and I decided I was going to incorporate a few into my stash.  The problem was those flats I ordered were not here yet and others were back ordered.  So it looks like a trip to Target will be in my future.  I only had two flat diapers in my stash, a flat weeds hemp flat and an Imse Vimse flat in a jungle print.  I had a few receiving blankets I planned on incorporating too.  From Target I purchased a dozen Gerber flat diapers.  The problem with this challenge; I am moving this week.  Not only will I be busy preparing for my move, but now I will be hand washing diapers for a 10 week old, 22 month old and a 4 year old who wears a cloth pull up at night. 

my flat diaper stash (so far)

  • 1 Imse Vimse Flat
  • 1 Hemp Babies Flat Weed
  • 12 Gerber Birdseye Flats
  • 4 receiving blankets
  • 1 Flip cover
  • 1 Thirsties cover
  • 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap
  • 1 Imse Vimse Velour cover
  • 1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
  • 1 Bummis Super Brite
  • 1 Happy Heiny Trainer (stuffed with a flat)
  • 2 Snappi fasteners
  • 6 diaper pins
  • Rockin' Green Remix in Hard Water formula

I do confess that I only plan on washing my covers and flats by hand, my wipes will go into my pail with my pre-challenge diapers to be washed in the machine.  I just think it will be too much poop for me and I feel better about the wipes getting sanitized.  I am not using my diaper sprayer nor will I be using any flushable liners. 

I'm really excited to see how this week goes.  I have some very heavy night time wetters so I am nervous about that.  I think the experience will help me to better serve my customers and become a better cloth diaper circle leader (I am in training with the Real Diaper Association now).  Fingers crossed all goes well!



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