Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gardening with Children

Gardening with Children

We have been experimenting with our first organic vegetable garden at Eden's Baby.  For myself it has been a desire since my early twenties, but living in New York City I never had the opportunity to garden.  We found a wonderful sunny patch right outside our kitchen door and began tilling.  Or I should say my husband began tilling.  Our garden is 13 x 14 feet and while not overly large I think (or hope!) it will provide us with fresh fruit and vegetables all summer long. 

An organic vegetable garden has been a wonderful at home "classroom" for our children.  They were able to see seeds in a variety of shapes and sizes, plant them and watch them grow.  All a little different looking.  Everyday we venture out to see what else has sprouted.  I have been amazed how quickly things grow.  For myself I am learning tricks to keep pest away without using chemicals.  Today, I discovered that cornmeal and sugar will deter ants.  Another option is cinnamon.  We also began a compost pile.  Not only is this an excellent way to nourish your garden naturally and economically, but it has been a great teaching lesson for our children.  My son quickly has learned that vegetable peels, egg shells and garden scraps go into the pile.  In a few weeks he will see these scraps turned into compost. 

I have been using the Internet a lot while I learn about companion planting, natural pest control and garden layouts.  Some of my favorite sites are Kids Gardening, Garden Guides, and Vegetable Gardening Guru

I hope that you can be inspired to grow herbs or vegetables with your family.  There is no need to have a large patch of ground you can grow a few herbs or vegetables in pots and hanging containers.  Some cities even have community garden plots you may be able to use.  Enjoy spring time with your family and happy gardening!

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